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Angie Verona Gallery - History of Angie Varona

Angia Varona Gallery, The prettiest girl on internet.

The history of Angie Varona.

The most wanted girl in Google.

Angie Varona is a young American who some years ago was the victim of sexting, and now, four years later, still suffering the consequences.

It all began in 2007, when he was 14 and got some pictures of herself in bikinis and underwear, to his private account PhotoBucket. The idea was that her boyfriend could see them easily. Unfortunately, the situation got out of hand when someone hacked your account, and instead of keeping the photos private, the public did. The images ended up being seen by thousands of people and posted on sites of different types, including pornography and pedophilia portals.

For this situation, Angie suffered from depression, attempted use drugs to reduce your pain, ran away from home and attempted suicide on more than one occasion. Also, had to change school twice, suffering from bullying by their peers and unknown threats received both by email and in your own home. The threats came to the point that his parents were forced to seek help in their city police and the FBI.

new photo og angi varona

angie verona varona gallery
angie verona varona gallery - angie varona at gym
angie verona varona gallery

angie verona varona gallery

angie verona varona gallery
the real angy - angie varona gallery

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angie verona varona in christmas

 Angie Varona en navidad :D!!!!
 Angie Varona in Christmas! :DDDDDDDDD!!!!

Today creazyz updated with one of the best known girls online.

Hoy en creazyz actualizamos con una galería de una de las chicas más famosa de internet.



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